Kaspersky 2017 Technical Preview 91 Days License

Kaspersky 2017 || Video Installer and Review


Kaspersky 2017  has released some of the first beta builds of the 2017 version. These builds are called Technical Preview. Don’t use this version as your main antivirus, just use for testing on virtual machine only!   After the installation, you’ll get 91 days license for your 2017 version.

Kaspersky 2017 Interface Screenshots:







Beta-version specifics:
– the build is activated only with beta-key and doesn’t allow commercial (release) activation codes;
– signature database updates may be not as frequent as on released Kaspersky products;
– product traces and Application Verifier may be enabled by default after the install.

New features: Software updater and Software Cleaner

  • Software updater
    • performs the search of updates for installed popular software like: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java and other:  User is suggested to update the software to the newest version after detection. To open it go Main window->More tools->Software updater  At least one update of product is needed for the correct work of the component.
  •  A lot of users install programs that are not actually wanted while installing other soft or just because of inattention. The result is quite sorrowful: the performance is dropped down and the memory is wasted.  With the help of Software Cleaner You can scan the system and detect such software. After this You have the choice to delete or not to delete the soft.  To open it go Main window->More tools->Software Cleaner

KFA = Kaspersky Free (free version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, currently only available in Chinese and Russian)
KAV = Kaspersky Anti-Virus
KIS = Kaspersky Internet Security (like KAV but with additional protection components)
KTS = Kaspersky Total Security (formerly known as PURE, like KIS but with additional features)
KSOS = Kaspersky Small Office Security (for small business).

Link download all versions Kaspersky Labs 2017: 





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