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Smart DNS Proxy 2

Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN Free License HERE

Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN Smart DNS Proxy-SmartVPN Full License is available for free. You have no need to complete any survey, offer or any other special useless tasks to get the access of...


Cloud storage comparison – SPEED TEST

I did several tests of each service to see if the results were consistent, and they appeared to be. My home network has a theoretical bandwidth of 40 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload, though in practice I never get that throughput.


Creating a VHD in Windows 10

Advantages of Creating and Using VHDs Being simple container files, there is no need for you to actually partition your hard drive. VHDs allow you to create dynamic volumes so that you don’t have...


Quick Setup Outlook 2013 Windows 10

Automatically detect and setup Internet email Note: To complete these steps, you will need to know your email address and password provided by your Internet service provider (ISP). Start Outlook. Click the File tab....


How to remove Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

For security reasons, Microsoft made it close to impossible for some system files and folders to be renamed, moved, or deleted, even though you are using an administrator account. The same goes for Edge,...


Remove Find People Box Malware on Google Chrome

Find People is a Potentially Unwanted Program (also known as “adware”), which adds itself, mostly without notice of the end-user on Internet browsers when users downloaded free software from websites that promote bundled custom...


Office error code 30034-4 Fixed You might see Office error code 30034-4 if your antivirus software, firewall, or proxy settings prevent you from installing Office. To resolve the problem, temporarily turn off your antivirus software, firewall, or proxy settings, install...

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